Turkey, the country where you can get absolutely everything you want and need on a holiday. If you want to explore ancient ruins, you can. If you want to sit on the beach, you can. If you want to go hiking in mountains, you can. I am so thankful that I have been able to visit this amazing country more than once, every time I go it leaves me wanting more. Holidays to Turkey are something that everyone should get to enjoy, and you know what? It won’t cost you that much at all. There are some fantastic deals out there right now, make sure you snap them up when you see them and you will be having the holiday of a lifetime in Turkey, trust me when I say that you will not regret it. It is such a massive place that it would probably take a whole year to explore it properly. When we only have a week to ten days for our annual holiday we need to make the most of our time and head to the place that is ideal for us, so make sure you speak to a good agent or friends that have visited before making your final decision. Always do your research!

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Here are 3 reasons why I, and millions of others, will continue to praise a holiday in Turkey:

The Food

Absolutely amazing and cheap as chips is probably the best way to describe the Turkish cuisine. Everything from high-end restaurants to street stalls are selling some of the tastiest food that you will ever chow down, so make sure you walk down all the little alleys that you can and eat everything you see. If you thought the kebabs back home were good then get ready for a party in your mouth when you eat your first one in Turkey.

The Locals

Absolutely amazing people! The friendliest, warmest and most generous country I have been to is Turkey. People can make or break a country, the fact that at any point i knew if I needed some directions or help I could ask someone, if they didn’t speak English I knew that they would most likely find someone who did. I drank enough tea to sink the titanic in Turkey, I was forever being invited to drink by tea by  pretty anyone I spoke to.

The Transport

Transport in Turkey, especially the bus service. I was sat on a bus in the middle of no where on my laptop connected to the internet and being served coffee when I wanted. The buses always run on time and very rarely arrive win their destination late, even if they do you will still be chatting to friends on Facebook which will surely pass the time. The bus journeys are made better by the english speaking people on the bus, speaking to people throughout a shoe journey is one of my favourite things about travelling!

Why I love Turkey!

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