Las Vegas may very well have a reputation as being the gambling home of the world but there is far more to this city than simply roulette wheels and craps tables. In fact this is a city which really does offer something for everyone, and one aspect of Vegas which everyone can enjoy is the entertainment. Over the years some of the finest men and women in the world of entertainment have graced the Las Vegas stages, set inside some iconic hotels, wowing and thrilling audiences. Vegas offers a huge spectrum of different entertainment options depending on what it is that you enjoy, and here are 5 of the best shows which you can see in Vegas right now.



Absinthe got started last year and it met rave reviews from Las Vegas insiders and some of the country’s finest entertainment writers. This story is in the vaudeville style, offering ┬ámodern day variety show which is sexy, thrilling, hilarious and intelligent offering. Absinthe has been the talk of Vegas in the past year, and it looks set to stay for some time to come.

Penn & Teller

Las Vegas has long been the home to some of the finest magicians in the business and they don’t get much finer than Penn & Teller. This magic duo have been doing shows in Vegas since they started out, earning critical acclaim before taking on the world. Penn and Teller are now back in Vegas with their brilliant and hilariously funny comedy/magic show, until the end of this year.

Piff the Magic Dragon

If you are looking for all out comedy then look no further than Piff the Magic Dragon, a roaring comedy/magic act which will give you a night that you won’t forget in a hurry. Piff and his sidekick, a small chihuahua named Mr. Piffles, is one of the most original comedies which the Vegas strip has seen for many years, and makes for the perfect show for the whole family.

The Beatles LOVE

Circque du Soleil has set the bar in terms of modern circus-style performances and this Beatles inspired performance is one of their best to date. The choreography and the spectacle of the circus, combined with some of the Fab Four’s greatest hits, makes for an exhilarating show and one which will take you right back to the 60s, with a thoroughly modern twist.

Purple Reign

For all of you Prince fans out there who weren’t able to see him in all of his glory before he sadly passed away, you can relive his genius with this brilliant dedication to the performer. Purple Reign is one of the best tribute shows in the world, and the next best thing that you will ever have to seeing his Purpleness in person. Currently this show is playing 4 nights a week in the Tropicana, make sure that you don’t miss out before it leaves Vegas and hits the world.

What are your favorite types of shows? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Top 5 Shows To Watch In Vegas This Year

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