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As a tropical paradise nestled in Central America, Honduras attracts thousands of visitors each year. From the stunning mountains to the nature-filled rain forests, there are plenty of natural activities for you to indulge in while there. Honduras is also well-known for its ancient era history, giving culture vultures something to thrive on.

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Cayos Cochinos 
Many people head for a slice of paradise because they want to relax. Cayos Cochinos offers the perfect opportunity to do just that. With white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and hiking trails through quaint villages, it is the perfect attraction for anybody looking for a little rest and relaxation. While there, be sure to visit the area’s lighthouse. It offers panoramic views of the area, giving you the chance to take some social media-worthy snaps.


For those who want to head for a peaceful island but want a greater variety of activities, Guanaja is a must-do. Complete with architecture from the colonial era, Guanaja combines old-day buildings with modern-day standards of relaxation. Some of the outdoor activities on offer there include being able to head for a spot of scuba diving. The coral reef is abundant with vibrant sea life, so if you have an underwater camera you can get some truly astounding pictures. Cuisine is a big deal on the island, with plenty of restaurants offering both international and local dishes in truly decadent forms.

Lado de Yojoa 
If you want to see fish and birds that weren’t on your radar before visiting Honduras, Lado de Yojoa is the place for you. This vast lake is hidden in a plethora of tropic trees and plants. There are plenty of waterfalls to stand under, coffee plantations to tour, and one or two Mayan ruins to get lost in. Lado de Yojoa is the type of area many people think of when they picture tropical paradises. If you want to stay over in the area, you can even book a hotel room and make the most of it for two or three days.

In the grand scheme of Mayan ruins, Copan is quite a small one. Still, that doesn’t stop visitors from getting the eerie vibe that comes with exploring these now abandoned temples. This ruin dates back to the 9th century BC, making it one of the oldest in the world. During the 5th century BC, it is estimated that these ruins were the focal point of a community of more than 20,000 people. Mysteriously, they were abandoned suddenly. Knowing that as you explore the ruins gives it a bit of a creepy feel, yet they are still majestic to try and ascend. . Before you visit Copan, or any part of Honduras, don’t forget to arrange your cheap annual travel insurance. This can protect you against losses and accidents, which will generally make your trip a lot more relaxing.

Roatan Butterfly Garden 
Butterflies may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you will soon be converted when you visit the Roatan Butterfly Garden. As the name suggests, this is a little area where butterflies thrive. As one of the most popular attractions in Honduras, it is home to some pretty astounding plant species too. From the second you step into the garden, you pretty much feel as though you are in paradise.

From butterfly gardens to Mayan ruins, Honduras has something astounding for everyone. When visiting various areas of Honduras, don’t forget to create plenty of memories and capture them with beautiful pictures.


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