Despite the squeeze on people’s budgets, there are certain times of the year that remain sacred and once such occasion is Christmas. The best possible way to make the most of this time of year is to travel to Lapland and experience a true winter wonderland. What is more, you can┬áplan a trip┬áthat does not break the bank.

The landscape in this beautiful northern land provides plenty of entertainment, especially when covered in a magical layer of snow. There are so many things to get you and your family into the Christmas spirit, time will simply fly by.

Write a Christmas letter

The best way to prepare the kids for going to Lapland is to get them to write their letters to Father Christmas. This is a great way to get them excited about the forthcoming trip and really build up the magic.

Meet Santa Claus

Visiting Father Christmas is likely to be at the top of the list of activities for most people travelling to Lapland at this time of the year. Make your way to Rovianieni, the capital of the province and head to the Santa Claus Village.

As well as the trip to the great man’s grotto, there are a number of other sites you are likely to want to visit while you are here. In fact, it is a good idea to go to these places first as it will help to get you in the mood and build the atmosphere prior to sitting on Father Christmas’ knee.

All of the letters sent to him are sorted at the local post office, so it is worth stopping by to see the workers going through this immense haul. Notes are posted from all over the world and these have to be organised into piles, so that Santa Claus knows which countries they have come from.

This is a particularly great thing to do if the kids have written their own letters as they can imagine them arriving at the post office with all the others. Ask them if they can spot theirs.

Once you have taken in this scene it is time to meet the man himself. His beautifully decorated grotto is very welcoming and the kids can sit on his knee and talk to Father Christmas about the presents they want for Christmas. It is something they will never forget.

Visit Rudolf and his friends

Just as popular as Santa Claus are his fleet of reindeer nearby, so make sure you don’t miss out visiting them too. They are used to guests, meaning you can stand and stroke their fur, while you try to spot the one with the shiny red nose.

There are no fewer than 200,000 reindeer north of the Arctic Circle, so there is a good chance you might see these wild animals while in the region. Make sure everyone keeps their eyes peeled.

Enjoy a husky ride

To complete your magical trip, why not treat the kids to a ride on a sledge pulled by huskies? This is something that not everyone does when they come to Lapland, but it is the perfect way to round off your holiday.

It allows you to get out of the town and into the countryside. The scene will be reminiscent of Narnia with virgin snow covering the ground, trees and any houses you come across. Feel the crisp air whizz past as you travel under the power of these splendid creatures.

Stick around after dismounting and older kids will enjoy seeing the dogs up close. This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

The magic of Lapland at Christmas

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