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One of the best things about camper van hire is that your camper van comes with all of the equipment that you’ll need to enjoy your holiday in New Zealand. All camper vans come with a fridge, a sink, gas stove and cold water – all the basic facilities that you need. Another thing that is also included is all your cooking utensils, crockery and cutlery, so there’s no need about trying to pack all your pots and pans in to your suitcase!

A lot of camper van hire companies have a lot of added extras, the best companies will include a travel wallet that will include road maps and park guides. They might also offer you a welcome pack on your first night, this is offered because you might not have had a chance to buy some essentials after you have arrived. These packs usually include things such as; shampoos, matches, washing up liquid, sponge, soap, coffee and tea, salt and pepper – everything you need for when you first arrive. If you book one of the larger camper vans you can also expect to have a shower and toilet, a TV and DVD players and air conditioning. You can check what equipment you’ll have with the rental company before you leave, it’s good to check so you’re not surprised when you arrive.

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As you can see most things are included in your camper van but there are still some things that you need pack. You need to bring along your personal belongings and other items like laptops and cameras. Nearly all of the camper vans have power points to recharge your camera and laptop, but you will have to factor in stopping for to recharge your batteries in parks. You will more than likely bring some big suitcases with you, so it’s a good idea to unpack and soon as you arrive. If you unpack before you set off it means that you can leave your bags with your rental company – it is very important to see if your rental company will do this, not all companies will offer this service.

Of course, it is important to note that whilst a lot of things are included you will need to provide your own food and drinks. You will also need to pick up some other items such as toilet paper, waning up liquid and some detergent for your laundry. If your camper van come with a toilet on board you will need to check if you need to buy some extra chemicals that are needed, usually the rental companies will only supply a limited amount.

If you’re not keen on using a camper van then you should always consider hiring a car, that’s anther good way to give you the freedom you need when exploring New Zealand.

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New Zealand Campervan Hire – What’s Included and What to Bring

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