Morocco is one of those wonderful destinations which you can visit and sample some true holiday luxury without breaking the bank. Do your research, find places slightly of the beaten track and you can live like a Berber king on a true budget. We’ve put together some tips below to help you get more for less:


Morocco is a great destination and offers a lot to any traveler who wanders its paths; for the adventurous traveler the Atlas Ranges and the vast sandy deserts welcome you, for city breaks Marrakech is ideal and for beach holiday the extensive Morocco sun ‘n sand beckon you.

Accommodation in Morocco is varied and appealing even to the luxury traveler, so Marrakech tours are definitely for you.  There are amazing all year round accommodations that will definitely leave you spoilt for choice. These include trendy medina houses, luxurious hotels, desert and mountain Kasbahs and grand sultan palaces.


One of the best options to stay in Morocco for intimate and personal services is a Berber Lodge; they offer quality services only comparable to a four star hotel but of course less pricey. In the past they were only concentrated in Marrakech but with their increasing demand they are now sprawled all over the country and have become synonymous with chic and style offering opulent Berber luxuries and décor.

The Berber lodges are mostly family owned and therefore you expect to interact with locals at a personal level. You get intimate with the rich culture, history, get personal services and get to taste some of the most delicious Berber cuisines which include spicy tagine and couscous.  Some of the lodges also offer fantastic roof top terrace views of the surrounding medinas.


Flying to Morocco is not such a big deal, it is only a few hours from Europe and with the powerful tool such as the internet things are much easier. To get the best deals to Morocco all you have to do is shop around by use of multiple such engines on the internet. Do not limit yourself to just one price comparing website as you may miss out on the most updated prices or even offers to that particular flight. You can fly with international airlines directly to Morocco and then seek other means of transport around the country. Consider the following tips when seeking to fly to morocco:

  • Book Early: Book your flight as far ahead as possible, there may be some last minute deals but they sell out fast, so be precautious and be an early bird.
  • Be Flexible: Add a few days or leave earlier than your departure date to take advantage of any offers that may have risen.
  • Book Return Tickets Too: If you are travelling one way consider checking the return tickets too, sometimes it is cheaper to purchase a return ticket than buy one separately.
  • Make Use Of Flight Comparison Sites: These sights come in handy as you get updated on every available opportunity, compare airline fares, learn of discounts and help you to get the most reasonable airfare available on your route.

The Royal Air Maroc, Oman Air and British airways are some of the most luxurious airlines along these routes but are expensive; however they are worth to check during the quieter times.


Luxury Morrocan Holidays & Accommodation On The Cheap

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