Easter is coming, and with it the perfect time to start planning our free days. And with the coming of spring and the nice weather we can travel to more hot places like Spain, to enjoy the sun in a large variety of options, like this ones:

 Macarella (1)


It may sound strange to some, but there are actually a lot of people that enjoy going to the beach before summer, mainly due to the fact that you will encounter the beach a lot less crowded. Places like the mediterranean coast, or the Balearic Islands become well-visited places, not only during the summer, but during spring as well. With Ibiza’s good weather, renting a car in order to travel around the island becomes a very good option, so we can enjoy visiting every one of Ibiza’s beaches and coves, as well as the numerous villages we can find in the island. And if we like surfing we can find some waves in the ibizan waters, with a lot less people in it.



You prefer the cold? March it’s still a perfect month for skiing and enjoying hiking in the mountains. In Spain, during the months of february and march the ski stations are working at full capacity, so it’s a good option for all ski-lovers to visit places like Sierra Nevada in Granada, Baqueira in Lleida or Valgrande Pajares in Asturias. Aside from that, we can find less-crowded ski stations all around Spain, especially in the Pyrenean Mountains, on the north of the country.



Spain is well known for its medieval heritage, and proof of it are the numerous and beautiful castles we can find around the country. Some of them even became famous because of a movie or a tv show, like the castle of Loarre, made famous by the movie Kingdom of Heaven, or the castle of Xátiva, in which we can find parts of the story of the famous Cid, the spanish knight.


Amusement Parks

There are a lot of good amusement parks in Spain, perfect for those that like entertainment or wanna do a trip with their children. We can find Port Aventura in Barcelona, or Warner Park in Madrid, but there are a lot of other amusement parks in Spain, some of them more focused on the fauna, like the Biopark in Valencia, or the Loro Park in Tenerife.


Parques de atraccione

Para aquellos que les guste el entretenimiento, o quieran hacer un viaje inolvidable con sus hijos, los parques temáticos siempre son una buena opción. En España destacan sobre todo Port Aventura en Barcelona y el Parque Warner en Madrid, pero existen muchos otros excelentes parques de atracciones en nuestro país, como el Loro Parque de Tenerife, el Parque de la Naturaleza de Cantabria o el Bioparc de Valencia.

Lots of plans for this Easter

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