Planning a trip to Ibiza? Chances are you’ve got clubbing in mind, and if this’ll be your first jaunt to the island, now’s the time to get au fait with the top venues around.

Today, I’ll talk you through three of the very best nightclubs in Ibiza – including the biggest on the planet. And if you’re yet to¬†book your sunshine holiday for 2014, then I hope this gives you a little inspiration to take the leap and start planning in earnest.


On Avenida Ocho de Agosto, near Ibiza Town’s marina

Let’s kick things off with Pacha, shall we? This is the island’s oldest and, arguably, most famous club. Looking at it now, it’s pretty hard to believe it was once just a little finca – but there you are, times change.

So, what’s it like? Well, it’s famous for its VIP tables and glitzy clientele, which means us humble clubbers can be in with a chance of rubbing shoulders with the stars.

One of the great things about Pacha is how luxurious it feels – you really are likely to feel like a VIP here. Plus, I should warn you it’s pretty massive – you’re virtually guaranteed not to have found all the rooms even after several nights out here.

The Main Room is the first you’ll hit if you head straight on from the entrance, and it has VIP tables overlooking the dancefloor – a nice touch. If you fancy hearing some Spanish tunes, head to the room on your left, while on your right you’ll find the Global Room, which has a relaxed lounge feel that’s perfect for chilling out.

It’s easy to get to Pacha from Ibiza Town – it’s just a short walk from the marina. That said, there are plenty of buses, so if you don’t fancy walking off the early evening drinks, it’s easy to use public transport instead.

Es Paradis
On the San Antonio waterfront

Its full name, Es Paradis Terrenal, means paradise on earth – and, I’ll be honest, the result certainly lives up to the name (well, if you’re into clubbing, that is!). This beautiful club has a mostly white interior, decorated with things like dramatic columns and even an amphitheatre-style dancefloor. So, it’s got a pretty unique look and feel.

If this is your first time in Ibiza, you absolutely must get yourself to the Fiesta Del Agua – its famous water party. During these, the central dance floor becomes a lot like a swimming pool, gradually collecting water, and the atmosphere is electric.

This party is often seen as a bit of a rite of passage for newcomers, so you might want to put this on the top of your list. But whenever you go, you won’t be let in in swimwear, so remember to wear it underneath your clubbing gear!

Near San Rafael, on the main road between Ibiza and San Antonio

Priviledge is something of an icon in the clubbing world, what with it being the biggest club on the planet and all. Once upon a time, it was entirely open-air, but back in the 1990s sound regulations meant that a roof had to be added.

Still, the sheer size of the venue, not to mention its stellar line-up of DJs, means that this is very much a place not to be missed. The main room is centred on a swimming pool, which the DJ booth is actually suspended above. The size of this room alone is enough to make it easy to get lost, but what with the number of other areas it’s home to, you can pretty much bank on your group losing each other for a while!

Ibiza’s top clubs

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