Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands, and is a picture perfect paradise offering beautiful beaches, fantastic gorgeous hills, rolling valleys and friendly locals. The warm Atlantic winds make it the perfect destination for windsurfers, with the beaches being one of the biggest attractions on the island.

Not only do traveling windsurfers flock in the thousands to the island every year, but windsurfing is hugely popular with the citizens of Fuerteventura. Not only is it the sport of choice in the area, but there are enough expert teachers for a beginner to get started, and also enough challenges for even the most seasoned veteran windsurfer. Below are just a couple of the amazing beaches and great windsurfing spots you can experience on Fuerteventura.

Relax at Caleta de Fuste

This resort-style beach is the ideal family location. It boasts one of the gentlest and safest beachfronts on the island, as well as a whole host of marine activities, from diving to sailing and even submarine trips. Amenities are close by and the golf course is just a stones throw away too. Though Caleta de Fuste is a manufactured beach, it makes up for its lack of authenticity with its pragmatic and easy-going set up that may just be the sanity saver you need on a family trip.

Natural Beauty at Jandia

Jandia and sister beach Sotavento are located to the south of Fuerteventura, and their dazzling beauty is well known all over the island. Whether you are looking for a road trip with a view along the coastline, a drink at a beach side bar or to make the most of the trade winds and get some windsurfing in, the waterfront utopia is the perfect destination for a day trip. You can also find shopping and accommodation not far from the beach. There is something for the nature trekker too! A little off the beaten track there are a series of walking and hiking paths leading over dunes and through the lagoons.

Surf at El Cotillo

This well-renowned surf spot is sure to surprise you, and on its day, even the most experienced surfers will be struggling to stand on their boards! Located not far from the town of Cotillo, this clean, clear watered natural idyll is a must see for all visitors. Though it is wise to check the weather forecast beforehand, El Cotillo – like all of nature’s most beautiful treasures – can be very temperamental. If you want to experience it for less, check out Cheapflights.co.uk.

Test your Surf Skills at the Suicides and Mejillonas

Recommended for advanced surfers only, these sister surf spots have a reputation for huge swells and excellent surfing in the right conditions. Though the conditions can be unforgiving during some periods throughout the year, most of the time the weather will be more than kind, allowing you to windsurf to your heart’s content. Located in the North, these beaches are not particularly popular with families, but water and adventure sports enthusiasts flock here for it’s notorious swells and warm Atlantic winds.

Fuerteventura – The Windsurfer’s Mecca

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