To fully understand the future you must have knowledge of the past and your visit to Warsaw will give you a glimpse into what the past once held and how the present has changed the future direction of the city.  You’ll be able to enjoy the sights and attractions that Warsaw has to offer you but you’ll also get a real flavour of the people, their hospitality, and the manner in which they live each day.  Just experiencing the pride, the heritage, and the history brings you closer to the culture of the people and an understanding of your own mission in life; take a day trip from Krakow and see what Warsaw has to offer you.


Starting Your Journey

You should begin your journey by visiting the Old Town Market Square so that you can see how Warsaw used to look; later you can compare this to the hustle and bustle of the new image of Warsaw.  You’ll love this historic part of the town where you can find souvenir shops, restaurants, outdoor entertainment, and carriage rides where the driver explains what you’re seeing and the significance of the area.  It’s also important to know that this entire area was totally destroyed in World War II and has been rebuilt so that you, other visitors, and the locals will never forget from where they came.

Travel the Royal Route

The next part of your adventure should be to walk down the Royal Route toward the Presidential Palace and other old buildings are sure to catch your eye.  This is the same path that Polish Kings took in days of old as they made their way through crowds of their loyal people.  Along the way you should stop and enjoy anything and everything that captures your interest; you’ll see Warsaw University, the location where Chopin’s heart is buried, and there are plenty of other activities that you will see along the way.

Shopping and Modern Warsaw

As you near the modern city of Warsaw you’ll want to climb to the observation platform at the top of the Palace of Science and Culture so that you can take in the beautiful skyline of the city.  Below you’ll find a plethora of shops where you must find a piece of amber jewellery to take home in remembrance of your visit to this beautiful city.  You may also want to take a cruise on the river, try some Polish beer, or enjoy one of the local festivals during your stay.

To get a complete overview of Krakow and the surrounding area, you’ll also want to explore outside the city; by taking some trips that are only days out from Krakow, you can use Krakow as your home base and take excursions to Warsaw, Auschwitz, the Wieliczka Salt Mine, and the Eagles Nest Castles Tour.  You’ll enjoy seeing the developing countryside and how the Polish people have preserved their structures and historic sites with dignity and pride.

Travelling to other countries is most enjoyable when you experience the culture, the personality, and the hospitality of the people along with the historic sites that are located throughout the area that you’re visiting. Make your visit to dynamic Warsaw one that you won’t soon forget.

Image courtesy of:  Wikimedia Commons Andy Wright



Experience the Heritage of Dynamic Warsaw

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