Europe is the centre of the modern world, it is always thought of in the top continents in the work, particularly with its diversity in history, languages, architecture, food, landscapes, etc. The list of things that it has to offer could go on forever, but one thing that I have always found special is the allure and mystery surrounding castles and palaces.

I was recently reading this post about castles and palaces to see in Europe and was drawn to each of the European castles that were discussed in the article, I have been lucky enough to see some of these castles throughout my travels, but one that I have not experienced that was mentioned was Neuschwanstein. This 19th century castle is located in Bavaria and was intended to be used as a retreat for King Ludwig II, it was only inhabited for 172 days before the king’s death. This is a castle that has actually transcended reality into the realms of cartoons and animations, because Neuschanstein is the inspiration for the world famous and iconic Disney castle.

It is often strange to think that when we watch films or television, or read books that places like Neuschwanstein are so common, we see these places all the time but never really take the time to consider if they are real or not. I recall seeing the Prague castle in the action film XxX, but never thinking too much about whether or not it was real or not, all I could think about was how impressive it was. It was only on my visit to Prague last year that I fully enjoyed what the castle had to offer and it was only when I got there that I recalled the movie and it was a surreal moment. Here are two instances of castles that are literally something you see only in movies and this makes visiting them even more surreal and enjoyable, and there are many more to experience.

Europe truly is a place of dreams and the beauty of European castles and palaces is something to behold, I would highly recommend visiting as many of these as possible, I still have more to do too!!

Why Europe is such a special place?

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