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Making the trek from Argentina to Antarctica is just incredible. Think of mountains that aren’t just capped with snow (they are snow), seals frolicking on the coastline, penguins sliding across the ice and even an incredibly huge whale in a sea of icebergs. This is the site to see for the many tourists (well, not so many) that flock here each summer season (November to March) to see what very few get to see: the frozen continent. Here are some things that make it such a unique place.

How people get there

The majority of tourists have traveled from Argentina to Antarctica for a few days across the Drake Passage in order to get to what is quite literally the end of the earth. It is also possible to fly to some locations, but the number of people that do this is very few. People can also visit the other side of the continent (the Ross Sea side), but these cruises are from either Australia or New Zealand. Of course this takes much longer to even get there and can even be up to 10 days!

The size

Antarctica is absolutely huge and is about the size of Mexico and the United States, which are huge on their own! Of course the vast majority of the continent is not able to be accessed and the stunningly the people that visit and live in this wondrous place only ever see about 2 per cent of the frozen continent.

The harshest climate on earth

Of course the end of the earth is synonymous with weather that could pass as it being the end of the earth, the most isolated and cold. This is perhaps the place where no tourist would dare to come unprepared, which is in contrast to almost every other travel destination around.

In the summer months, the weather can vary from -9 Degrees Celsius to 10 Degrees. This is of course much harsher in the winter months, but don’t worry, no tourists visit during this time. It is only the scientists that have to deal with this extreme cold!

The beauty

The beauty of the continent is absolutely unmatched when it comes to Antarctica. As I tried to describe above, the continent is absolutely unique. It is one of those places that you visit and see something that you think could be the best thing you have ever seen and then you see something else. This happens over and over again. There is nothing quite like seeing the sheer brutality and power of a giant iceberg showing its tip, which itself is gargantuan. The snow and wildlife also add a huge amount to the beauty of this stunning and desolated place.

There is endless daylight

Another thing about the weather is the 20 plus hours of daylight that the continent receives at the high points of summer. This is in contrast to the constant darkness of the winter. This constant light provides an opportunity to spend almost every waking moment seeing something new and spectacular.

Antarctica: Visiting The Most Unique Place Ever

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