Located on China’s south coast, Hong Kong is a densely populated urban jungle that promises an intoxicating mix of towering skyscrapers, amazing street food and bustling markets. Our guide will introduce you to some of the key characteristics and attractions of this fascinating destination.

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Hong Kong: an overview

One of China’s Special Administrative Regions, Hong Kong is famous for its natural harbour and impressive skyline. Despite having a reputation as an urban jungle, almost three-quarters of it consists of mountains and parks, which means that whenever you fancy a breather from the crowded streets, you can head out to somewhere a little cooler and greener.

The city centres on the harbour – something that helps make this a prime destination to visit on a cruise. Fred. Olsen is one of the lines to offer itineraries here, and of course this form of travel is great for anyone who likes the sound of a stress-free journey. Plus, there’ll be lots of great excursions to choose from once you get there.

Turning back to Hong Kong itself, though, it’s also a shopper’s paradise – particularly as it caters for virtually every taste and need; you’ll find everything from glam shopping centres to glitzy night markets.

Key attractions

Now, we’ll take a look at some of Hong Kong’s key attractions.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the city’s premier attractions. Once upon a time, this green mountain was one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods back in colonial times, largely because it was much cooler than elsewhere. People flock here today not for the climate, though, but for the absolutely incredible views – the Peak, as it is usually referred to as, offers spectacular views across the harbour and towering skyscrapers.

Plus, the way to the viewing platform is an experience in itself. The Peak Tram, which was built in 1888, is a quick but exhilarating way to travel – the angles which you pass Hong Kong’s famous skyscrapers seem all but impossible.

Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market is an absolute must-visit, whether you’re keen to do some shopping or not. You’ll find it at Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, where once the sun goes down it sells all manner of things, from noodles and seafood to antiques and electronics.

Plus, there’s also a fair few other attractions – joining the market sellers are often fortune tellers, as well as performers like opera singers. You never know what you’re going to see!

Evening harbour cruises

Since the harbour is such a focal point of the city, it’s well worth making the most of it. One of the best ways to do so is to go on an evening harbour cruise, which will give you the chance to see the bright lights of the city from a fresh perspective.

Travelling in a traditional-style Chinese junk, you’ll pass famous buildings like the International Finance Centre, which is the tallest building in Hong Kong.

Clock Tower

Hong Kong has a really interesting past, so it’s perhaps no surprise that it has some great historical attractions too. One of these is the Clock Tower, which is a vestige of the Age of Steam.

This 44 m tall tower dates back to 1915, when it was built as part of the Kowloon-Canton Railway station. Now a memorable landmark, the tower stands as a monument to this time, with the station itself now a thing of the past.


A cosmopolitan city: Hong Kong

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