how to start a travel blog

Starting a travel blog is something that you will never regret, but the question is always about how to start a travel blog and why it is actually important. I decided that I should make a short guide about some reasons why you should start your own travel blog, regardless of whether you are a frequent traveler or a “holiday once a year” kind of person.

You can share your experiences

One of the best things about how to start a travel blog is that you can share your experiences with many people. Initially this might only be your family and friends, but there is also the potential for this to grow and for other people to start to follow your adventures too. This is extremely exciting that you can enrich someone’s life in some way and not just travel for the sake of yourself.

It allows you to reflect

One thing I love about having my travel blog is the ability to look back on my adventures. Sometimes there are very small details that I have included in my blog that I have totally forgotten about myself. I really love when this happens and it just refreshes your memory about some really great things that you have experienced. I love that I can use my travel blog exactly like a diary or journal, and it is interesting to reflect on a different time and also perhaps you as a different person.

You might just make some money

Of course nobody goes into travel blogging with the sole aim of making money, but the thing is that it is entirely possible to do so. Of course this is fantastic if you really want to move towards a truly nomadic lifestyle, where you can work from almost anywhere. This is something I really enjoy about travel blogs, especially because it allow you to be free and not chained to a desk from 9 to 5 every day.

It allows you to connect with others

Social media has become so powerful that you can connect with others and even meet up with them in real life. I love that you can quite easily connect with fellow bloggers and meet up with them on the road. I love the community atmosphere of people in the blogging community. Anything you do that allows you to meet new people is something that is worth doing in my book.

4 Reasons To Start A Travel Blog

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