If you’re after sunshine, beautiful sea and a bit of history on the side then Malta is the island to check out this summer and here’s 4 places that help make the island the charming place that it is.

1.     Mdina

Did you know that the set location for the first season of “Games of Thrones” was Mdina?  Yep, Mdina, the silent city, is a medieval town located upon a hill and is confined to the magestically built defensive walls of this small city. Its history dates back to Phoenician settlers in 700 BC. You will not find many vehicles, cars or traffic jams here as its authorities allow only residents a limited number of vehicles inside the city. When I visited, I stayed at this hotel, it was awesome.



Photo: Martin Lopatka

A wander around the city is enough to appreciate the charm and beauty of this place but if you’ve got time here are a few places that are worth a visit

  1. Paul’s Cathedral
  2. Palazzo Santa Sophia
  3. Palazzo Falson (Norman House)
  4. Mdina Dungeons
  5. Benedictine Monastery
  6. Agatha’s Chapel
  7. Palazzo Gatto Murina
  8. Nicholas’ Chapel
  9. Bastion Square
  10. Vilhena Palace
  11. Natural History Museum
  12. Carmelite Church & Convent

2.     Gozo


photo: Berit Watkin

This beautiful tiny sister Island is a marvel in both the nature it posses and also the historical sites present. One of the most ancient archeological sites in the world, the Ggantija Temples dating to 3500 BC can be seen at Xaghra bay and followed by a nice dip in the Mediterranean waters soon after. Gozo attracts tourists from all over the world for its peaceful temperament, pastoral landscape, pristine beaches, ancient hilltops, grandiose Baroque churches and native cultural events. Coastal areas such as Ramla Bay the Azure Window in Dwejra are famous for their safe swimming zones for the tourists and their natural stunning beauty. In short, you’ll find enough places to keep you relaxing for a week and then some.

3.     Valletta

According to UNESCO’s World Heritage, Valletta is considered one of the most important historic places in the world.

Whenever you go to Valletta, don’t forget to watch a performance at the Manoel Theatre and go for a stroll in the city, popular for its hundreds of art figures, monuments and baroque architecture . Its streets offer the most charming and gorgeous experience through its fashionable shops, flea markets, St. John’s Co-Cathedral Church, typical maltese balcony patterns in houses all around, a wealth of museums and some of the best traditional as well as modern restaurants.

4.     Sliema

Sliema is probably best known for it’s shops and cafes situated by a most picturesque promenade facing Valletta across the port.  Don’t bother trying to get there by car and finding a spot to park in though as this town is quite bustling and the task close to impossible.

4 Places in Malta you should not miss out on!

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