It’s the ultimate dream for so many people, making money whilst you travel around the world. In the past this dream seemed pretty unattainable, but nowadays we are seeing so many people that are ‘living the dream’ and working while they travel. The world has become a small place now, with flights going to nearly every corner of the globe and mostly at an affordable price. Now anyone can work and travel at the same time, one thing that you should look into before taking the leap is a Self managed super fund, this will help you to stay on the road whilst you work. Here are some great ideas for how you can make money while you

Create a blog

This has to be the number one way to earn money while you travel. It is not always financially rewarding at the start but overtime you will able to see the rewards. The best thing about starting a blog is that you will usually be travelling in a country where the living costs are low, this gives you the perfect opportunity to build your blog into a successful business. If you have wifi then you can create a blog, it’s also a fantastic way for your friends and family to read about what you have been doing.


It is fairly easy to get a teaching job, if you English is your first language then that is the subject you should be aiming to teach. You can improve your chances of employment by doing a recognised teaching course before you travel. Having a degree also helps you, remember to have all the required documents with you before you travel.

Scuba diving instructor

One of the more appealing jobs that people choose to do is as a diving instructor. A lot of people head of to Thailand to do a course and end up loving it so much that they stay on to complete their instructors certificate. It can take only six months to get the experience you need to be an instructor. Imagine waking up everyday diving with tourists to explore underwater caves and shipwrecks, not a bad option at all!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure that enjoy it. Travelling is all about new experiences and having fun, money is a necessity when you are trying to explore the world, but don’t compromise too much just to make a few extra dollars. Travel, work and be happy, if you can achieve those three things then there’s no looking back!


3 tips for making money while travelling

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